Laura Jacobson received a Master’s degree in public health, a certificate in global health, and a Bachelor’s degree in genetics from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. There, she conducted qualitative research in rural Uganda on the role of mobile phone technology in strengthening the health system. Additionally, she has contributed to academic, community-based, and government health services research on topics of patient/provider relationships; diversity in the workforce; access to cancer screening technology; and social entrepreneurship. She is most interested in how research can translate into lasting change for real people.

Currently she consults on several public health focused projects including Oregon Health & Science University’s Footsteps to Healing Program on enhancing women’s health in Ethiopia and Hillside Health Care International on education and public health program development in rural Belize. Previously, she worked for with Preciva, a benefit company dedicated to ensuring that all women have a chance to live free of cervical cancer.

Her skills include mixed-methods research analysis and reporting, grant and proposal writing, manuscript writing and editing, clinical trial management, and semi-structured interviewing and focus group facilitation. Currently, Laura resides in Portland Oregon with her husband Will, son Miles and cat Eddie. For more, please see my CV.


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